Spiegel Family

Spiegel Family

Sunday, September 18, 2011

1st day of excited! Mom & Dad had a harder time with it, but we made it thru!

So funny, and such show-off's!

Mama Linda & Papa Mark with the girls.

Kaylin just being funny & beautiful!!!!


Getting ready for Halloween already!

Summer rides


State Fair Fun

Loving all kinds of food!!!! We can't seem to keep her full!

Little Miss Attitude......and her new Twinkle Toe Shoes (just like Taytem's).

Best buds (at least some of the time)!

So cute, this this did not last long at all!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Matching Outfits!!!! Mommy has to take them out to places with matching dresses, shirts and swimsuits, so she knows which children are hers and knows she has them all when she can count to three!!!! They might hate me later for it though!

Also a little of Peyten's personality in these as well!

Loving the Matching Swimsuits!!! Peyten giving K.J. a kiss

Kaylin Jo Spiegel...2 months old

Taytem's First Dance Recital- not many pictures taken as she was not given a prop on the second dance, so this mommy was MAD!!!! Not the best experience for Taytem, but it was worse on mom more than her. She still wants to dance though so I guess I will chalk this experience up to great stories for later! Sorry Taytem I didn't get many pictures, but you looked and dance awesome!

The night of Taytem's 1st Dance Recital-Kaylin and Peyten look pretty excited